A Little Reminder

Its almost week 5 in my semester schedule. Without you realise, its already halfway point before you reach the end of semester and then another semester break. The next semester break will be quiet special since I’ve decided to take long holiday back home, Indonesia. It’s 3 months of summer break and yes all I want is back home.

A lot of happen things just in a week. Which was quiet crazy. There’s always first for everything, right? I feel like I’ve lost my mind, yet, thanks God for friends who around me (not so around, because some of them are living hundred miles away) helped me to get me back on track. To remind me the reason why I’m here. What I really wanted to do. And I keep hard on myself to achieve those.

This is a remind for myself. That I’ve submitted myself into two-years commitment of hardship. Which is now this will be my top priority and focus of my whole life.






What I love from Canberra is beautiful jogging track.
Natural beauty of Lake Burley Griffin.

Dalam rangka hidup lebih sehat, mulai membiasakan lari (+olahraga) kembali. Semester kemarin terlalu fokus sama kuliah sampai (agak) melalaikan kesehatan sendiri. Supaya tidak kembali sakit yang aneh-aneh dan dirujuk ke dokter aneh-aneh, semoga upaya olahraga ini membuahkan hasil positif โค



25 June 2017

@KBRI 25th June 2017

Today is a special day. No matter how hard I don’t want to admit and want to hide (which is difficult), it’s truly a special day.

First, 25 June is my birthday.

Second, its Eid al-Fitr 1438 H. Moreover, this is my first time ever I celebrate it far away from home and family.

I remember I felt blue and mellow these past few days, even I’m not excited to celebrate my birthday. But late at night around 12am my friends came to my room and gave me a surprise. And this afternoon, after celebrate Eid in one of my friends’ home, they also gave me a surprise cake. I’m totally grateful to be surrounded by lovely friends. Although at first I felt lonely because far from home, I realise Canberra now is my home. Where all my friends who become families stay and live here.

Thank you dear friends for all the wishes and prayers.

Happy Eid al-Fitr and good day everyone.