Hello, you!

So many (random) things are running in my mind now.

  1. I feel grateful with my parents, especially my mum. She is the main reason why I can be in my position right now. Being a parent is tough. Especially when you always want the best for your children. I can say, her determination is what makes me who I am today. From the school choice, meal option, family values and so on. But, of course, nobody is perfect anyway. And from her flaws I learn to improve myself. Most importantly, accept the fact and be forgiving about it. Because, I am also not a perfect person.
  2. I always respect relationship. Because forming a commitment showing how you as an adult make a decision and consciously decide to be with someone. It’s beautiful and sacred. Thus, every time I meet a guy for a date, I always ask if he’s in a relationship or not. Or if he is, if its a monogamous or an open-relationship. It surprises me actually how people here are saying they are in a committed relationship (monogamous and not open relationship) but also do infidelity. Just like few months ago, when I met with this guy who surprisingly attractive and we kinda get along somehow. I knew I still need to ask him the question. But, I waited until our second date. When I asked, he gave a long pause and told me that he still close with his ex. Then I told him that I don’t want to be in the middle of something complicated. Breaking-up but still close with your ex, is totally a grey zone where showing your lack of boundaries. But yea, love is a complicated thing. He’s still young (yep, he’s way much younger than me lol), and still have more time to learn and experience things.
  3. Monogamous VS Open-relationship. Not everyone is born to be a monogamous as not everyone are fit to be in an open-relationship. Its really important to understand yourself before you committed with someone. And whatever choice you make, do it for yourself. And if you feel you want to change your decision, it is totally fine. Well, life is always evolve, isn’t it?
  4. I’m thinking a lot about poverty and how people are ashamed with the concept itself. Growing up having less but pretend everything was okay really taught me that you should be ashamed when you have nothing and hide it well. Some people also only pay respect when you have money. How much you earn, what brand that you wear, what do you do for living. But, isn’t it just artificial things? I know, money does really help and solving problems. But, its not everything. And having more money means you have greater responsibility to use it well. Like, helping other people? Especially in unprecedented times like now.
  5. So, tomorrow is Eid al-Fitr. Hope everyone is in peace and may Allah gives you blessings and love. ❤

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan in 2020 definitely sooooo different from the usual year. No festive, no tarawih at mosque, no iftar time with friends, and what else? But, it actually feel calmer than usual. To be honest, I kinda like it.

I have this discussion with a colleague who’s in Singapore and told me how Ramadan this year will teach us to be more reconnect with ourselves and God. No more going out and wasting more money. I, personally, don’t really like the “buka puasa bersama” time. As much as I love to meet my friends and (maybe) my extended family. But I feel like its just too much. The tarawih time is also something that I’m missing. But, dude, the travel to the nearest mosque from my home is also dangerous! So many kids playing “petasan” and I definitely not comfortable lol. Can you just be quiet and calm? So, yeah, I don’t really mind do prayers at home.

But something doesn’t change. It’s just day three and a text arrived on my phone.

“Happy breakfasting sayang”

Then, he deleted it and changed it into just “happy breakfasting”.

Oh boy lol

How time flies and it’s our third Ramadan we knew each other.

One thing I learned from this quarantine life, it makes me realize on what and who matters to me. You can tell who’s really care and stick with you since day-0. And definitely, he’s not on the list.

The New Normal

I think it’s more than a month already since we implement work-from-home and physical distancing policy. And I need to take this moment to feel grateful for the privilege that I have: still able to work on my job, safe at home and earn money.

Millions of people lose their jobs, and that’s the ugly truth we faced nowadays. I guess the virus itself teaches us how fragile our society is. And what’s scarier and even more deadly is the fact of the economic recession is in front of us right now. The Great Lockdown definitely will bring greater disadvantages compare to any crises before.

The situation is also a reminder to put humanity above everything else. You are more than lucky if your country has effective governance mechanism which able to handle the crisis. But, in my situation, I still believe community and citizen participation are still important. The community have a big role to helps other who do not have the same privilege.

But, poverty is a systemic problem which needs a great policy solution to alleviate the problem 😦

Personal or group efforts are not as sustainable and as impactful if we really want to help 25 millions of disadvantages people in Indonesia (not to mention the people who just lost their jobs). My friends and I try to create a social project to try help the vulnerable groups in this situation, yet, all the efforts that we do only able to cover 46-50 persons. My personal effort, personally, only able to help at least 20 people. If each rich people in Indonesia (I heard its around 89,000) able to help at least 100 people, it just covered 8,900,000! But still, it’s better than nothing.

Anyway, just a random thought and hopefully we are able to endure this new normal. What do you think of Post Covid-19 life would be?